In my conversation with Hannah & Kelty, we chat about parenting in these times, how we nurture ourselves so that we can show up and nurture others when we are needed, the role that getting outdoors plays on our emotional and mental health and more. I weave aspects of Hannah & Kelty's human designs into the chat.

Learn more about them where they share their wins and learnings and do weekly IG lives, their podcast Upbringing on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play, and their site, to feel their empowering and encouraging content, whether you parent/caretake kiddos or not!

Hannah & Kelty have a clear and easy to digest RESIST approach, a consent-based approach to discipline and Freedoms Model explained by Hannah & Kelty here:

"Kids give us the opportunity to align our values as people with our practices as parents. The Freedoms help us renegotiate our parental role as we respectfully extend to our kids the same human rights we advocate for ourselves and others."

Are you talking about your needs with your partners, friends, and kids? We discuss how we as parents and caretakers can't expect our children or partners to meet our own needs all of the time. As sovereign beings, it is our responsibility to meet our own needs, when we are able to. Tapping into your needs is done alongside becoming aware of your inner world, accessing emotions and becoming more conscious of what needs to be communicated when, and how! Making your needs, parent or not, a primary topic of conversation, can help you navigate your daily life with a bit more ease. I love how Hannah & Kelty bring joy and humor into their parenting and openly share this with others.

I truly believe in a world where a generation of parents are aware of their own needs, whether they are partnered or not, meeting their needs as best they can, and then they show up for their children. Now, can this happen all of the time? No. Can we make life a bit more easeful with these tools of awareness? Yes! Hannah & Kelty are doing this work in their own homes and in their communities and I am alongside them supporting.

Share your own parenting/caretaking insights below!

As I am writing this post I am buzzing with energy! Where did it come from? This App you may or may not have heard of called, ClubHouse (CH), where you join a “room” with others, welcomes people from around the globe. I am ecstatic, to share my insights from the first conversation I was a part of on ClubHouse as well as some connections I have made from the app (there are too many to share them all!) I will also share how I interpreted human design (the science of differentiation--we all have our genetic makeup and it can be used to guide our lives) while using ClubHouse. I Have lots more to share on this so if you're interested in chatting about it / human design, feel free to message me!

Now, I have been studying human design for the last year or so. Being a part of this call, I saw human design in action is SO many ways.

What is human design? The short answer is that it is a combination of systems and modalities such as Astrology, Chakras, and The I’ Ching. A simple way to describe it is a blueprint to who you are in the world and how your energy affects others and vice versa. It is a complex system but that is the general feel.

Now. What’s the deal with ClubHouse?

ClubHouse, is an app that you can join once you’ve been invited by someone. I joined just a couple of weeks ago. Once you are invited, then you can create your profile and join rooms. How these rooms work is that there are “moderators” who run the room and keep people in the room the “audience,” in the know with what the theme of the discussion is and who keep energy of the room flowing. As a participant in the room, you can “raise your hand” and signal to the moderators that you would like to share. The rad thing about the app is that your voice is all that is transmitted to the people listening in the room.

When I first joined the app, I was confused how it worked. There are rooms specifically to guide you through how to navigate the app but I am just been learning by using the app. Upon joining, I wasn’t a big fan. I quickly realized that what makes or breaks CH for me is the room I am in. There are probably hundreds if not thousands or more rooms out there in the CH space ether. The room I am sharing about is the first room I was in. This room was created by @thefulltimehobby and it was centered around creatives and how people find inspiration and deal with blocks. The conversations got deep and inspiring. There were probably hundreds of people in the room and the app is well designed in that the only way you can unmute yourself is if you are accepted to join the “stage” after you raise your hand.

Before I bring in human design, I am going to share my general experience of being a part of room. Here is why I love clubhouse. There are so many reasons. It’s a great platform for people to share openly and vulnerably where they don’t have to be on camera (there is no option to be) and they can have their voice heard. There were many people who shared for the very first time in this room. One woman joined the app a few hours prior to the room. Another great impact of those who are on the stage is that you are the only one speaking, so you don’t have to worry about being interrupted and if others who are on the stage back to respond or give feedback then it is simple for them to unmute themselves and share. I also love how people can flow and riff off of speakers who have shared before. In this particular room, there was the perfect amount of structure, with there being a prompt that allowed people to share whatever they felt.

Ok, now I am going to get into the juicy human design part and how I saw my own design as well as other people’s human designs without knowing what they were. How you ask? Because of energy. Being a part of this room further solidified that energy spans much past being in person with someone. When I first joined the room and started hearing from all of these creatives, some who are very well-known and highly respected in their craft,I was intimidated! I had thoughts of, “I’m not a creative!” and “I’m not an artist selling my work.” Those thoughts quickly faded as I listened to the vulnerabilities of others, and my confidence grew. SO much so that I initially was nervous to share and about halfway through the call, I was revving to share my insights with the group. I also recognized my artistry. I creative! I sing, dance, cook, express and communicate, all creative acts. I may not be selling my music right now or making money off of my crafts but I am most definitely creating in this world. In my inner world I am creating new neural pathways to change my beliefs that are not serving me and in turn aren’t serving others based on my beliefs. I am also exploring creativity with the way I express myself and the more I push through fears and limiting beliefs, the lighter, happier, and more grounded I feel. I wasn’t able to share during this call because there were so many people on the call and only so many hours the call would exist for. But I was invited to share (a projector’s dream) at the next weekly call.I took notes on what I wanted to share and now I can reflect on them to draw even more insights. I strive to tune into patterns and strategies to make changes I want to see in myself and in turn, in the world.

In each person’s unique human design, there are 9 centers that make up a person’s “body” and it is often referred to as the bodygraph. Each center corresponds to a chakra and each “gate” corresponds to a different planet. Human design is a tool to help you discover your gifts and become more aware of your patterns and the way you connect with yourself and with others. Now without going too far into the specifics, the main thing to take away is that each person has their energy distributed in various places in their chart. For example, if someone has their heart charka defined, they have access to more consistent energy in matters such as, motivating others and managing resources.

Open centers are areas where you are more sensitive to outside energy. These are places you can get lots of wisdom from.

My experience being in the room: Some language used, I am so lit up! Maybe they are a generator living their design! Someone who was burnt out in creating and was

I thought, “I wonder who is a sacral being and who is thriving being up late at night on the call! Or, who has an undefined mind and is really benefiting from channeling the mental pressures they feel and take in from the world, and creating art! The undefined sacral coming out in those who shared how many hours they spend on the app and sharing they don’t know when to get off! How many people are self-projected projectors and they really get to their inner knowings and truths by talking things out. Such a great method for self-projected projectors. Who has an undefined throat center and being in the energy of the others allowed them to access their voice! Who has a defined throat center and talks more assertively and longer! An interesting thought is, how people with undefined heart centers, who can struggle with feeling unworthy, can feel even more so in the presence (online works too) of those with defined hearts. More people have undefined heart centers than defined. People with defined hearts really shared they knowing that each person is worthy no matter how much money they make or how many followers they have. I know my undefined sacral center really plugged into the defined sacral on the call who had so much energy and excitement in their voices. I will deftly need to wind down extra tonight. Which channels of electromagnetic sparks were created? To think of all the inspiration that was shared and received is beautiful! A man in his 60’s with a lot of experience in the music industry sharing his wisdom. Perhaps he is living his 6th line!

The room was filled with encouragement (heart center), people speaking their vulnerabilities and truths (center) Doubts and fears being spoken

It was an incredibly empowering and powerful experience for me. My biggest takeaway was that when you are heart-centered, living your purpose and mission with passion and genuine motivation to create positive change for our world, that this is success. It really doesn’t matter how many followers you have or how much money you make and when you are putting out art into the world that is meaningful to you, that you enjoy the process of and that you are supporting others, you can’t not be successful, whatever this means to you. I am diving into more human design teachings and embodiment practices and will be bringing this and my singing into the world for others who feel connected.

Emotions are energy in motion. Emotions can be experienced a lot like hills. The more practice you have going up the hills, the stronger you get and easier is it to make the climb. Imagine all of the muscles necessary to get up the hill. Think of the will power, mental strength and beliefs that you need to reach the top. Maybe you need to push past limiting thoughts. Think of all the elements you notice while making the trek. Noticing which muscles need to be firing, what your breath needs to be doing, what words your mind has come up with. All of these aspects factor into how you experience the hill, in what condition you make it to the top of the hill, and how you deal with decisions to stay at the top of the hill for a little while, a long time, or how you are descending down the hill if and when you decide to make that move.

Awareness. Often we are moving fast in our day. And when we encounter hills we can be so occupied with our thoughts that we might not even realize we are at the bottom of a hill with a climb to go. We might not be aware of the skill that is needed to get to the top of the hill, or even if we want to make our way up the hill. We are given various choices.

Once you are aware of a hill in front of you and have decided to make your way up the hill, pay attention to what you might need to do to get up that hill. Which behaviors and actions are necessary? Do you need support from a friend? Do you need to connect with yourself about what lies ahead? Are you deciding not to make the climb at all? These are all scenarios we encounter in our lives. Notice what your behavior from reacting or centered response is once you recognize the hill ahead, and see that you have a choice how you will make the climb or not. What can you learn from your hill experience and how may you work with nature (the hill) rather than pushing yourself against it? This is an act of mothering yourself and your vessel (body) needs to be supported by you. Also, not that each individual takes in energy and processes emotions uniquely. I believe each process deserves to be supported within and without the individual.

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